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Social Media Hack: Goldmines that generate 6 figure income.

New goldmines are being discovered or should I say built. They are called "Communities" (There is also a job positioning within inc. 500 companies called "Community Managers."). These communities are composed of an audience that will soon be converted into purchasing clients. The internet has made these goldmines to be made simple and easy. Within the following lines I will show you how it works and the benefits.

Business owners can now tap into the capital of the new goldmines. These gold mines are the new riches and wealth of businesses and entrepreneurs. If exploited well they can last a life time and generate millions of dollars in a short period of time. Digital Marketers and Influencers have discovered the these rich well mounted mines and are making millions in sales.

These new goldmines I will call them communities. As a business owner, entrepreneur, and or marketing manager your second and most import step in digital marketing is to build your community... Build your gold mine and or discover a community, group, and or tribe. Building your gold mine will include the following:

  • Increase your likes or followers.

  • Create personalized groups.

  • Build a newsletter sign ups.

  • Joining existing goldmines (Social Media Groups, Pages, and or Newsletters).

It's important that focus on building your own gold mine. Because sooner than later it will become your money making machine and part of your intellectual property.

It’s crucial that you focus on building your community your new goldmine because you will be selling to them. You, in the future, will be turning that community into sales. You will be turning your community into clients. Let's say you have a community of 10,000 members and you turn 20% into sales (2,000 members) on a $97 dollar product or service within 24 hours. That will equal to $194,000 thousands in sales within a day. No wonder social media influencers are making a killing. They are making dollars on the cents.

There is a phrase that we hear a lot... Build it and they will come. Yet, they for got the marketing part of it. Build something, a product or service and let people know that you have builded. Let them then know so they can come. Meaning, build a community around your product of service. Remember, you will be cashing the rewards sooner than later.

The best way to start build your community is using social media. You can use any platform. But, your main goal is to build following, likes, newsletter signups, and groups. It all depends the social media platform you are using and the strategy you will be implementing. Keep in mind that your goldmine needs to be composed of potential diamonds. Meaning, your community needs to be composed of potential clients.

The main question starts off by how do you get started it? You start by providing value... and value I mean proving valuable content that will capture the attention of your potential client. Valuable content can be information, tips, ideas, free items, etc. that is based around your audience and your product or service. Give valuable content that cost you nothing or very minimal but will drive people to join your community, like or follow you on social media and or subscribe to your newsletter and or blog. Remember, building a community is all about giving, planting seeds, and providing valuable content. By taking such actions you will gain the trust and position yourself and or company has the expert. The leader in your industry or niche. Which, in the future, is the equivalent to turning your community into sales.

Start building your community now. For it will payoff in the future. It’s never late to start and it’s always better to keep growing. The world has being going through though changes and people more than ever are connect and depending on the Internet. Take advantage and adapt the new way of marketing and advertising.

Your new gold mines are communities, groups, following, tribes. Goldmines and or communities are now your new currency. The audience within your community, page and or group will soon become your clients. Your will turn your community into cash into sales. And you can do it anywhere.


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