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Get busy on social media

If your target customers are spending their time on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you and your business have a great opportunity to connect with them.

Create business accounts on Facebook, Twitter and, especially if your products or services play well in a visual format, Instagram.

Start sharing useful tips, photos and links to helpful articles your clients might like. Include a photo and a link back to your website with every post.

Add the Facebook logo and your Twitter handle to your website and blog, business cards, shop window — everywhere.

Respond to anyone who mentions, direct messages or “tweets at” you. This is a good way to keep happy customers coming back and unhappy ones from writing negative reviews of your business.

Learn how to use hashtags.

Try Facebook’s Instant Articles to create fast articles on Facebook. If you have a WordPress blog, install the Instant Articles for WP plugin to speed up your post load time on Facebook

Get Third Party Applications. These apps make it easy to see what your customers are saying about you on social media. Read and respond to all your mentions and messages from one dashboard.

Start using Automation Software — it allows you to write posts in advance then schedule them for automatic posting on Twitter, Facebook and more.

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