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Create a Memorable Impression. (Step #4)

Design and build a website that your visitors will remember. Think of the first thing they do on your website, as well as the last thing they do. It’s important that the memory is a good one.

Strong visuals on the landing page and a seamless finish call to action are key. Nonetheless here are 7 key points to building a great memorable website:

1. Tell a Story

A website is your gateway to the world. It’s an opportunity to tell people who you are and why you matter. Whether the story is that of a brand or a travel blog, effective storytelling is the thread that keeps users hanging on.

But not only does the website tell a story, but the design also leads you through it with interesting scroll patterns and visuals. The user becomes immersed in the interaction to learn more. And it all happens in a matter of seconds. That’s memorable storytelling.

2. Use Color Effectively

Too much color can cause users to abandon the site, too little color and the design can be forgotten. Right in the middle is an interesting mix of color that will stick with users. The trick to color is to create a palette for your brand that you will stick with. This color palette will be applied across multiple mediums and or channels of communication.

3. Do Something Fun

What comes to mind when you think “fun website?” A game? A movie preview? What about design techniques such as color, imagery and typography? Any of these elements can make your design feel like fun.

  • Smiling faces in images or video

  • Bright, saturated colors

  • Something to do (a game)

  • Light, playful language (particularly in a similar typeface)

Your website is the space where the design is fun and interesting, from the color palette to the funky shapes as design elements to happy people doing interesting things in all of the imagery. You want to create a website that makes your customers feel like you want to jump into the scene and ingtereact with the call to actions. Make interesting make fun!

4. Engage the Senses

It’s all about the writing and imagery when it comes to connecting with a users’ senses.

One option is to interact with users and provide feedback. For example, a user inputs something into the website and something else is returned.

Design becomes more than just an image on the screen to the user, it invokes another pleasant memory through the senses.

5. Mix It Up

Some websites are designed to have new content all the time, because they do connect with a repeat user base. Changing the content or tweaking the design can provide new an interesting experiences for users that encourage them to think about your site more often and return to it. The key is that the new experiences should still feel like your content and design. Make a point to visit the homepage every week for the next month or so and look at the changes.

6. Remember the Finish

You’ve got a plan to delight designers with your homepage, the visual are stunning, there’s a great call to action, but don’t forget the finish. Just as important as the first impression is the final impression. Knowing how to design this can take a little more work because users might leave your website from a different location than where they enter.

Dig through your analytics and find the page where most users are leaving and make that experience a good one. Create an offer to give users something – a good discount or printable/digital element – or lasting memory of the best part of your website.

The key is that users leave happy.


Memorable website design is one of those tricky areas because it almost happens to users subconsciously. Do you ever stop and say “I’m going to remember that website!”? It’s doubtful. But, you do tend to remember some of the elements of what makes a website good.

Just like you remeber some features of a website you want for your customer to remeber yours. Create an astonishing website one that they will never forget.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via my contact page. Thank you for your tome and attention.


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